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Are you looking for an engineering consulting firm that strives for excellence and can partner with you on your next project?  MH Structures has employed some of the best engineers that are detailed oriented and put a high emphasis on client communication to make your project experience easy. Whether it’s a large or small project, we offer services to architects, contractors, and steel fabricators.


Building Design

We provide thoroughly detailed construction documents with an emphasis on ease of construction.  The design and project coordination experience with us is easy and pleasant with prompt communications. 

Industrial Design

Industrial design has unique challenges that differ from typical commercial design. These include clearances for equipment, crane beams, equipment foundations, to name a few. We work closely with the owner to insure that the building design meets the intended use of the facility.

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From Our Clients

Hear what others have to say about MH Structures.


Jerzy Irlik, Architectural Project Manager at Southern A&E 

“Matt is a well-qualified structural engineer and it is a great advantage to have him on a design team.  He is a dream engineer to work with for any architect.  Matt is always open to new ideas and eager to find creative working solutions.  His extraordinary attention to detail makes every project a success.  By every standard, Matt Hammond is one of the most outstanding structural engineers I have ever been associated with.” 


Joe McGinnis Jr., Project Manager at RA-LIN and Associates 

“…of all the Architects and Engineers I have interacted with, he is the one that I respect the most… I often call Matt to seek advice and or direction… He is very professional, thorough in his review of shop drawings and RFI’s, and always has a sense of urgency when it comes to the needs of any given project.” 

Andrew Stewart, Project Manager at RA-LIN and Associates 

“Matt is always a pleasure to work with, very thorough and approachable in resolving structural questions and issues.  Matt understands the (sense) of urgency in our industry and makes it a priority to respond expeditiously to RFI’s and shop drawing approvals.” 

Steve Baird, Project Manager at J&R Construction & Development, Inc. 

“Matt has always had a practical approach with his plans and details.  Matt’s design intent is always clear and constructible… Matt is always available (with) solutions to issues or conditions that we may encounter.” 

Structural Engineer

Mike Eidson, P.E., Structural Department Head at Southern A&E 

“Matt Hammond was a sixteen-year employee of Southern A&E in the Structural Department… His work was virtually error free, and (it) always reflected his innovation and superior problem-solving skills.  Matt was typically assigned the most difficult of our projects.” 


Taylor Hadaway, Project Manager at Post Oak Partners 

Matt, and the whole team @ MH Structures have been a huge asset for us on both small and large projects. From retrofit, assessment of historical buildings, and ground up new construction their ability to respond quickly is second to none. Highly recommended! 

Grant Rainwater, Studio Director of Corporate at Croft and Associates 

“Matt and his team at MH Structures have always addressed any challenge or question we’ve brought before them on a project with prompt, detailed attention. The level of trust we have built between us results in execution that is beneficial to all involved; most importantly, the client.” 

Nate Warner, Vice President at Warner Architectural Associates 

“MH Structures is an intricate part of our team at Warner Architectural Associates. Matt and his team are professional, on time, fair, and consistent. We are so very happy to be sharing all of our opportunities with them and look forward to our ongoing development now and in the future.”